So last week was a blog fail. I had intentions of writing about my reading habits and books that I liked in 2013, but instead I spent the day with my head in the toilet. It was not a pleasant week, but I was lucky to have help from my dad and my mother-in-law. All three of us (Ben, Everett, and I) got sick to varying degrees. I ended up in the hospital, Ben took two days to recover, and Everett is over the stomach flu, but is having residual reflux issues. This has lead to many sleepless nights, calls to the pediatrician, and finally a temporary switch over to soy formula. My brother assures me that this will only help in our efforts to raise a liberal child, as soy is all the rage with liberals.

I really can’t believe that it’s already been a full two weeks since my last entry. Time moves simultaneously fast and slow. Certainly those days where I couldn’t get out of bed seemed an eternity, but looking back I can’t believe that last week was here and gone.

I did get some things accomplished between there and here. Ben and my project for Everett’s birthday has really started to come along. We’ve decided that we are going to make him a play kitchen. I’ve seen a lot of really cool ones that people have done and posted pictures of online. The difficulty level is certainly within our capabilities. I’d say only half as difficult as the sofa tub.

Several weeks ago, I contacted someone on Craigslist (a very nice elderly couple who are in the process of downsizing) and purchased a small wooden entertainment center for twenty dollars. Ben hauled it home in the snow and ice and it sat in his Jeep for about a week before he was able to get it into the garage.

The weather here has been pretty terrible; lots of snow, ice, and record lows in temperature. Apparently, we’re in the middle of something called a Polar Vortex. I’m pretty sure I used to like snow, but now it signifies long gaps in my ability to interact with other humans outside of Facebook. My anxiety is too great to take the baby out in slippery weather. Even with my new fancy OnStar equipment I don’t really relish the idea of getting stuck out with the baby with the temperatures so low.

Three weeks ago Ben and I went to a Reuse and Recycle construction store in York. It was an interesting mix of home items, some nicer than others. We did get a great deal on hinges (well below the price at Lowes), some hardware to make the “cabinets” a little more modern, and a rack we can repurpose for the little oven. We also got old wooden blinds that I’m going to paint, hang above his little sink, and put a picture behind so that when he opens them it looks like he’s taking in a landscape.

Two weeks ago I purchased a fruit printed material that I’m going to turn into the curtains for the window. And I found this awesome herb printed burlap that I’m lining with simple black fabric and sewing into miniature reusable shopping bags. Ben and I also went to the dollar store and Goodwill and found some awesome little wire baskets and colorful plastic cooking utensils that will be safe for him to chew on. It’s all coming together at an affordable cost. It’s amazing what you can do with a little creativity and elbow grease.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. When we finish the project I’ll do a full write up with pictures. Until then, I’ll keep you updated on the process. Next week I’m going to try and get that reading blog posted. For now, I’m going to try to stay warm, snuggle my little one, and try not to let the house fall to hell.

Hope life is grand wherever you are.


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